Wilton Castle

Perched on the right bank of the river immediately before Wilton Bridge stands the ruins of Wilton Castle. Fer tourists disembarked here as the tour would only just have started.

In this film Bridstow CE Primary School takes a look at Wilton Castle, one of the first delights for tourists as they left the town of Ross.

Tour Boat Wilton Castle – John Warwick Smith

Today as then, the ruins of the castle contain a more modern residential property and the castle is in private ownership.

The first part of the river from Ross is tame. The banks are low; and scarcely an object attracts the eye, except the ruins of Wilton Castle, which appear on the left [surely right] shrouded with a few trees. But the scene wants accompaniments to give it grandeur.

William Gilpin – Observations … 1770 / 1782
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