Monmouth was the half way stage on the Tour and most tourists stayed at one of the inns in Agincourt Square, although a few slept on their boats. As well as exploring the town and The Kymin, excursions were also made to other ‘romantic ruins’ nearby, including Raglan Castle and Llanthony Abbey.

Here is Ledbury Primary School’s film which covers Monmouth.

I shall not attempt to describe the unbounded expanse of country which presents itself around and beneath, and embraces a circumference of nearly three hundred miles. The eye satiated with the distant prospect, reposes at length on the near views, dwells on the country immediately beneath and around, is attracted with the pleasing position of Monmouth, here seen to singular advantage, admires the elegant bend and silvery current of the Monnow, glistening through meads, in its course towards the Wy, and the junction of the two rivers, which form an assemblage of beautiful objects.

William Coxe An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, 1801

Today the Nelson Museum and Local History Centre in Priory Street has a reference library which visitors are welcome to use by appointment. The collection includes some of the original Wye Tour journals such as Gilpin’s Observations, and paintings, engravings and prints, including work by Michael ‘Angelo’ Rooker.

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