If you’d like to know more about anything related to Gilpin 2020, here’s a comprehensive reading list courtesy of local historian, Heather Hurley. Many of these publications are, however, out of print:

Andrews M: In Search of the Picturesque 1989

Baker S: Camping on the Wye 1892

Black’s Guide to the Wye 1916

Bradley A: Wye 1910

Coxe W: An Historical Tour 1801

Crow A: Bridges on the River Wye 1995

Daniels S & Watkins C: The Picturesque Landscape 1994

Farr G: Chepstow Ships 1954

Farrant A: Rowing Holiday by Canal in 1873

Fosbroke TD: Wye Tour 1823

Fletcher H: Portrait of the Wye Valley 1968

Gibbings R: Coming down the Wye 1943

Gilpin W: Observations on the River Wye 1782

Hall S & A: South Wales, the Wye and the Coast 1861

Hayman R: Wye 2016

Heath C: Excursion down the Wye 1799

Heath Charles: Monmouth 1804

Heath Charles: Excursion Down the Wye 1828

Hughes P & Hurley H: The Story of Ross 2009

Hurley H: Herefordshire’s River Trade 2013

Hurley H: Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley 2008

Hurley, H, Ross-on-Wye 2002

Hurley H & J: The Wye Valley Walk 1994

Hurley J: In Search of John Kyrle 2013

Ireland, S, River Wye 1797

Jeremiah, J, The River Wye 2004

Kissack Keith: Monmouth 1975

Kissack, K, The River Wye 1978

Lipscomb, G, Journey into South Wales 1799

Lloyd, J, ed., History and Navigation of the Rivers Wye & Lugg 1873

Mason, E, Wye Valley 1987

Mitchell, J, The Wye Tour 2010

Peterkin, S, Landscapes of the Wye Tour

Potts, W, Roaming Down the Wye 19

Price, J, City of Hereford 1796

Rainsbury, A, Chepstow and the River Wye 1989

Ritchie, L, The Wye 1841

Roscoe, T, Wanderings and Excursions in South Wales 1844

Sale, R, Wye Valley 1984

Stockinger, V, R, The Rivers Wye and Lugg Navigation 1996

Strong, George, Handbook to Ross and Archenfield 1863

Tisdall, J, Joshua Cristall 1996

Waters, I, About Chepstow 1952

Waters, I, Piercefield on the banks of the Wye 1977

Whitehead, D & Shoesmith, R, James Wathen’s Herefordshire 1994

Williams, H, 1982, The Diary of a Rowing Tour in 1875

Willett, M, Excursion from the Source of the Wye 1810 Wye Valley AONB. Overlooking the Wye 2013

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