Gilpin 2020

In 1770, William Gilpin took Revd John Egerton’s Wye Tour from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow …

… In 1782 he published what is reckoned to be the UK’s first tourist guide …

… By the end of the eighteenth century the UK’s first package tour was in full swing. …

… Prince Charles has launched the 250th anniversary and we’re celebrating it!

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The Gilpin 2020 Festival is still at the planning stage and this is happening at a series of meetings in Ross-on-Wye, at The Royal Hotel. These are open to representatives of any organisation wishing to be involved. The next meetings are:

Tuesday 10th March – 7.00 pm

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The image next to the Gilpin 2020 logo is a portrait of William Gilpin by Henry Walton copyright National Portrait Gallery, London and is used under a Creative Commons license.