Gilpin 2020

We have decided to postpone the whole of the Gilpin 2020 Festival. This is really sad news for everyone involved in organising the many events. The plan at the moment is to move the whole festival to 2021 and to turn it into Gilpin 2020+1. The hope is that all the dates currently in the calendar for 2020 will move to very similar dates in 2021.

We have left the events calendar intact to whet your appetite, but all events are cancelled for 2020 other than possibly the Big Draw in October.

In 1770, William Gilpin took Revd John Egerton’s Wye Tour from Ross-on-Wye to Chepstow …

… In 1782 he published what is reckoned to be the UK’s first tourist guide …

… By the end of the eighteenth century the UK’s first package tour was in full swing. …

… Prince Charles has launched the 250th anniversary and we will be celebrating it in 2021 (a year later than planned)!

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The Gilpin 2020 Festival exists only as a collaboration of many local organisations from Ross to Chepstow. These organisations have been meeting regularly to coordinate events. In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak planning is now on hold. We plan to go ahead with the festival in 2021 when most 2020 events will be transferred to new dates.

In the meantime, if you’d like us to add an event to this site you can use this form

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The image next to the Gilpin 2020 logo is a portrait of William Gilpin by Henry Walton copyright National Portrait Gallery, London and is used under a Creative Commons license.